Elephants get a kick out of moonshine

If these elephants could speak, they’re probably blaming us for their actions.

Specifically, they probably hate themselves for acting exactly like humans.

And them acting human is definitely beneath them, specially in this case.


This news shows how much we are a bad influence to other creatures of the animal kingdom.

When a gang of these gigantic pachyderms smelled hooch – thanks to their proximity to man’s habitat or maybe because man has infiltrated their natural habitat – these elephants began acting the way alcoholic men would: desperate and addicted.

When they got their hands – or  their trunks – on 18 containers (or approximately 500 litres) of mahua, a powerful alcoholic brew in India, all hell-ephant broke loose.

Reports show that the mammals ransacked a shop, destroyed three houses and mangled a slew of crops in a village located in eastern Dumurkota, India.

The animals also allegedly demolished dozens of homes in their attempt to score more booze. And just like regular drunks, they were aggressive and unreasonable. Unlike most drunks though, they’re more scary when they fall asleep than when they’re awake because they could easily squish anyone to death once they decide to lie down and rest.

Fortunately, the drunk elephants were herded off to a river onto their regular migration route. They also probably slept through their hangover.

Take note though that their drink of choice – mahua – is different from the marula found in the woodlands of Southern Africa.

Mahua is an Indian tropical tree mostly found in the central and north Indian plains and forests. Its flower is edible and it is also considered as a food item. Besides being used for medicinal purposes, they are also fermented to become mahuwa – a liquor.

Meanwhile, the Marula is a medium-sized dioecious tree capable of becoming an alcoholic distilled beverage. Believe it or not, the marula fruit is consumed by animals found in Southern Africa.

There is even a myth that animals who eat the marula fruit could get drunk – a detail that is more fiction than truth and was unfortunately promoted in a movie released in 1974 entitled Animals Are Beautiful.

In it, various jungle animals are seen intoxicated allegedly due to their consumption of marula. However, it has been discovered that the scenes in this movie were staged as it was purportedly impossible for large-sized animals such as warthogs and elephants to be intoxicated from simply eating a few pieces of the marula fruit.

Experts claim that large animals require tons of fermented marulas in order for these to have any effect. Also, the quantity of water consumed by elephants are enough to dilute the alcohol effects of the fruit. Therefore, these animals seem to have been made intentionally drunk for our entertainment.

Again, the video displays the propensity of humans to act less than humans – we’re definitely not a good example to our friends in the animal kingdom.

The fruit of the Marula is utilized to make the popular Amarula liqueur.

In Africa, this cream liqueur consists of cream, sugar and the fruit of the marula. Its alcohol content is said to be 17%.

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